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The Soil.

Soil is the starting point for everything.

For plants, animals and people.

Everything starts with the soil.


Good soil is important for several reasons:

  1. Nutrient supply: Good soil contains a rich mixture of nutrients that are necessary for plant growth. The nutrients help to maintain healthy growth, development and reproduction of plants. A nutrient-rich soil thus provides better conditions for a high yield and healthy, nutritious food.

  2. Water-holding capacity: Soil with good structure has the ability to retain water and supply the plants with a sufficient amount of moisture. This is particularly important in dry periods or in areas with limited access to water. Good water-holding capacity helps to maintain the plants' water balance and reduces the need for artificial watering.

  3. Air access and drainage: Plant roots need oxygen to breathe and grow. Good soil has a porous structure that allows air to circulate and gives the roots access to oxygen. In addition, good drainage helps to prevent waterlogging and oversaturation of the soil, which can be harmful to the plants.

  4. Reduction of erosion and pollution: A stable and healthy soil helps reduce erosion, both from wind and water. Good soil acts as a natural barrier against the run-off of nutrients, chemicals and pollutants from agricultural and industrial activities. This helps to maintain water quality and preserve the health of the ecosystem.

  5. Biodiversity and ecosystem services: Good soil is essential for maintaining a varied and healthy flora and fauna. It provides habitat for a diversity of microorganisms, insects and other soil-dwelling organisms that play an important role in the earth's ecosystems. These organisms contribute to the natural breakdown of organic matter, improve soil structure and help maintain a healthy food chain.


Overall, good soil is essential for achieving sustainable agriculture, preserving ecosystems, maintaining food production and ensuring a healthy and stable environmental quality.

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